A 420-friendly guide to elegant smoking accessories that defy the stoner stereotype.

As cannabis becomes less and less illicit, more and more designers are joining the game. Since we just passed the April 20th holiday, i’ve put  together a visual guide for the stoner connoisseurs that are bringing an elevated approach to the art of consumption.

From high-end designers like Alessi and Joe Doucet or newer companies like Sweetflag or Summerland, it seems like more and more aesthetically challenging brands are appearing. Here are a few of my favorites!

Cog Keyring by Tom Dixon

Recommended for: Barneys New York-shopping dads in need of an on-the-go stash.

Brancusi Pipe by Sweetflag

Recommended for: “stoners” with Noguchi coffee tables.

Journey Pipe by Journey

Recommended for: minimalist, John Pawson-loving architects.

Marianne Brandt Brass Ashtray by Alessi

Recommended for: golden girls.


Joe Doucet 24K Fetish Ashtray

Recommended for: golden boys.

Octahedron Table Lighter and Ashtray Set by Andrew O. Hughes

Recommended for: the Lisa Frank inside all of us.

Ankh Clip by High Society Collection

Recommended for: completists.

The PAX 3

Recommended for: semi-stylish Silicon Valley tech bros.

Fruit Fantasy

Recommended for: keeping the doctor away.


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