Is it Possible to Live in an Apartment With a Large Dog?

Is it possible? Yes. Do i advise you to move into a studio with your boyfriend and 2 Great Danes? NO.

Property management companies usually have a weight limit for dogs. However, if your like me and you simply don’t care what the rules are, then the weight limit is only a suggestion. And if you really want to dive deeper, can you asses that if you leave out the dog the completely the management will never know? Anyways, the point of this post is to answer the question, “Is it POSSIBLE to live in apartment with a large dog?”

Yes, it’s completely possible and actually quit enjoyable, if you properly accommodate your pup.  When I moved to the big city, i wasn’t about to leave my beloved Daysey behind. Daysey was 7 years old, and weighed 150 lbs at the time.  I’ll be completely honest, when i chose where i was going to live i most certainly did not think of her. My experience at first was not so great. We lived in a tiny 1 bedroom plus den in the middle of Midtown. Yes, it was spacious if we are talking 2 people max. No, it did not provide comfortable accommodations for my dog. We quickly moved , for unrelated reason. The next apartment we had was a townhouse, 2 stories, and even had a back patio. Something we had never had before. If your going to have a dog, anywhere. They must have a place to use the potty. The back patio allowed easy access to a grassy are, something we didn’t have in the original apartment. When your dog does not have a place to use the bathroom, THEY WILL SAVE IT FOR THE HOUSE. My dog is completely house trained, but because it was all concrete surrounding our previous apartment, she would often have accidents as she wasnt comfortable to do her business outside. It frustrated me, so please for the love of god. at least make sure that there is some form of grass within walking distance. You will regret it.


Once Daysey had a place to just go outside, the whole thing was painless. We would take her out on a leash, and sometimes at night when no one was awake let her off-leash. We would often go to the park, but that was only once a week. As long as your dog can walk around, lay down, play, eat, drink, socialize, and shit they should be happy. If you can make the commitment to walk outside with your dog each time, then its easy-peasy. Become lazy and unwilling, and they’re miserable.


Now we live in an apartment with a large balcony. And we still make it work. We open our balcony door and allow daysey to go outside on a patch of artificial grass we strategically placed on our balcony.  Its sort of a dog litter box, if you will. We still take her outside and to the dog park regularly, but we’ve taken the lazy approach as far as provided her with a bathroom space.  Your dog will still need the basic stimulation to stay happy and obedient, but this also works if your lucky enough to have a balcony large enough for your pooch.

While i recommend for every single person in the world to owna dog, you have to make the call on when to draw the line. If you can not make the commitment, or can’t afford the necessities than don’t do it. However, if you can provide a loving and nurturing home, then dont worry. Your large dogs wont mind living in an apartment with you.


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